Volunteering for Book Sales

We are happy that you are considering volunteering to help with the Friends of the Dunwoody Library (FODL) book sales. We are confident you will have much personal satisfaction helping your library and community and meet new friends. Many of the FODL members are long term volunteers.

For the upcoming Sept book sale we need help with the following:

On Jan 16th, volunteers are needed for setting up folding table and using a hand truck to move boxes of books. On Friday through Wednesday help will be needed for unpacking , sorting and alphabetizing books. During the book sale, Thursday through Monday, volunteers will be needed to help customers with their purchases and resort and restock books. On Tuesday Jan 28th (Clean UP), we will be packing unsold books to send to charities, storing tables and equipment, and returning the sales area to the libraries normal condition. No one should do any work they feel they are not physically capable of doing.

Volunteers do not have to commit to a specific date or time or a specific amount of time. Just come to the library when you would like to work during the dates and times listed below and tell a member of the Book Sale Committee that you available to work. They will help you find a suitable job.

The workload and the number of workers available vary greatly during the day so volunteers cannot be scheduled for a specific time to work except a cashier.

If you would like to work as a cashier during the sale, you must commit to a specific date and time. Please email Sunny Jefferies and ask if additional cashiers are needed. Her email address is sunny@FriendsofDunwoodyLibrary.org

Volunteers are need any time during the following hours:

Book Sale Volunteers Needed

Jan 16th Thursday 1 PM - 5 PM Set Up

Jan 17th Friday 10 AM - 5 PM Set Up

Jan 18th Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Set Up

Jan 19th Sunday Closed Closed

Jan 20th Monday 10 AM - 5 PM Set Up

Jan 21st Tuesday 10 AM _ 5 PM Set Up

Jan 22nd Wednesday 10 AM - 5 PM Set Up

Jan 23rd Thursday 10 AM - 8 PM Sale Members only 1 PM-4 PM General Public 4 PM - 8 PM

Jan 24th Friday 10 AM - 5 PM Book Sale

Jan 25th Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Book sale

Jan 26th Sunday Closed Closed

Jan 27th* Monday* 10 AM - 8 PM Book Sale

Jan 28th Tuesday 10 AM - 5 PM Take Down, Clean UP

All hands on DECK

* Monday 27th is Bag of Books Day, BUSY

What being a Volunteer for Book Sales Entails:

Donated Books arrive at Dunwoody Public Library

Stored till Tuesday when volunteers come in to sort them

First Sorting for Condition

Second Sorting for Value

Final Sorting for Category

Storage of Books awaiting Sales Dates

Set Up Preparation and Week of Sales

One Day Clean up to return Library to its Normal Operations

What happens when setting up for Book Sale???

Book Shelves Emptied

Setting Up Table for Boxes of Books

Moving Boxes Out of Baker Room

All 150 or So

Stacking them in Hallway

More Stacks

Lots more Stacks

Figuring out where each Category Goes

Three days setting up the Categories

Meals and Snacks

Oh Boy

What it looks like when Finished