Officers & Structure

The Friends of the Dunwoody Library (FODL) is managed by a group of elected officers and an appointed Board of Directors. FODL is a nonprofit corporation registered in Georgia and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. As a nonprofit public corporation, by state and federal law, the public has the right to see the tax returns for the past three years. IRS form 990 EZ can be downloaded for free at the website of The Employee Identification Number is 581572414. Type "Friends of the Dunwoody Library, Inc." in the box and sign in or register. There is no charge to register. Click on the following link for FODL information or contact the FODL Treasurer.

Officers are elected annually by the membership. The President appoints non-officer members of the Board of Directors, who chair FODL's working committees, determine the annual budget and transact other business as needed. Board meetings are held quarterly (and as needed) and are open to any member. The Board operates under written By-Laws. None of the officers or directors are paid for their service.

For 2019, the officers and directors are:



Nan Green

Vice President

Mike Morrisey


Leslie Berry


Larry Libera

Committee Chairs


Jim Freeman

Programs Co -Chair

Connie Downing

Book Sale

Nan Green

Facilities Co-Chair

Frank Taylor

Facilities Co-Chair

Evert Oerding

Members at Large

Library Branch Manager

Elizabeth Meszaros-Bardoczi